Product Design

Airalo Case Study

My Role
Product Designer
6 days
Check on Figma


  • Solve the pain points of the current app and propose solutions to improve user experience. New design system and UI.


  • Strategy. User research report. Persona. Task flows. Sketches. Design system and UI


For the initial user research, I conducted guerrilla usability testing to understand the current problems on “Package Details Screen”. During the synthesize phase, I used affinity mapping to analyze pain points and determine priorities. Then I generated task flows to understand where in the process users were having troubles, created Lo-Fi sketches and Hi-Fi designes. At the end, I was able to validate with users and confirm the pain points are solved by the redesign. The project timeline is 6 days. Now let’s go deeper into each step.


Guerrilla Usability Testing

I first did research to understand the business goal, and target audience of Airalo. During the testing phase, I spoke with 2 users to uncover pain points while using the mobile app.(GIVEN BY CASE) The selected users are reasonably have acceptance criteria. Normally I gave people to complete task inside the app to understand the pain points and the way they think. I moved to another section because already I have the user stories from Airalo.


The findings from research were given by Airalo with case file. Normally I make Affinity Map on this section first. Thanks to case brief, I know exactly which section I need to focus on.

Based on the case brief, here are the problems I need to focus on:

- Redesign of Package Detail Screen.
- More detailed top-up section and how it works section.
- At the end need to give all information to user in a compact way.



Task Flow

I created task flows for steps a user typically goes through in order to complete two common tasks in Airalo;
User wants to buy eSIM
User wants to get information about eSIM
To better understand where in the process users were having trouble, I highlighted the areas in orange where most users struggled, where I want to focus most during the redesign.

(Informations that given also covers this section however, I wanted to mention this step also to show my workflow.)

Lo-Fi Sketches

Based on the established pain points, I sketched multiple options to test and see how by initiating minimal changes to optimize the user experience. During the process of redesign, I continued referring to the target audience, company mission, revenue model and OKRs to focus on how to improve the user experience rather than making design changes. After a few rounds of iterations I came to a good place with the solutions.


Ability to find detailed information about packages

Ability to find top-up options


After 6 days of user research, analysis and redesign, I was able to validate the assumptions and changes I had made. I did by testing redesigned screens with 4 new users. User easily found the information they seek in package details screen. However, the application road has some gaps in order to that some key points are not well prepared.
NOTE: For future studies application flow must be corrected and decisions needs to be changed according to user needs.